UPDATE: The barley in the land of Israel was NOT aviv at the sighting of the new moon so a 13th month was added to the Creator's calendar in order for the barley to mature so that we can declare the first month of the year - the month of the aviv - in which we celebrate Passover & The Feast of Unleavened Bread (Matzoh).

Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar Fans,

The "renewed moon" ending the twelfth biblical month is projected to be seen this sun-day at sundown, March 6, 2011.  The moon will be 2.8% illuminated and 17.53 degrees above the horizon five minutes after sunset - as seen from the location of Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The new moon is projected to be seen at the end of a 30 day month - so whether there is a sighting or not, it is by default the new moon.

Getting the day correct on this particular month is not a significant concern at this time because THE BARLEY IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL IS NOT AVIV - nor will it reach maturity for several weeks according to the Israel Aviv Search Team headed up by Karaite scholar and biblical historian, Nehemia Gordon.  There is therefore a thirteenth month added to the Creator's calendar this year!

This gives us the opportunity to prepare one more month for the Feast of Passover/Unleavened Bread in the Tent of Abraham that will be celebrated in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Now the Creator's calendar is calculable for this next year, we can set the date for Shavuot and Sukkot with certainty.  We now go to press with the 2011 - 2012 Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar.  Order yours today and share it among your friends and acquaintances.

We will celebrate Passover/Unleavened Bread beginning the evening of April 18th on the pagan calendar, and Shavuot will fall on June 12 according to the Temple calendar before the Pharisees changed the "times and laws" governing the celebration of the Feasts of Yahweh.  Mark your calendar today and plan to join us for Shavuot in June - and register today to reserve your place at our Bedouin Feast of Passover/Unleavened Bread in April.

I have so much exciting news to share with you - but the day is slipping away and we must prepare soon for Shabbat...

So from the Rood Crew to you - Shabbat Shalom!

Michael Rood