I have had a bit of a revelation I would like to share with you. To understand how to get to where you are going, you must first know where you are – and it helps to understand how you got to where you are today. My most exasperating driving experience is hearing my co-piloting wife say, as she gazes at the map, "You should have turned left three streets back" – to which I invariable reply, "You cannot should have done anything on planet earth – unless you are piloting a time machine." Reality harshly teaches us that we can only proceed from where we are now, regardless of the mistakes of the past.

This has been a week of reflection for me. The recent death of my father, the birth and bris of my first grandson on the eighth day, and my fifty-ninth birthday today, all punctuate how quickly the weeks – and now the years are flying by. Almost too late, I realize what my grandfather coaxed me to understand: Life is very, very short. Burning the candle at both ends and working ones self to an early grave doesn't appear to be the best answer. Making a positive difference in another person's life – offering hope and encouragement as one searches for the narrow gate that leads to life has been my most personally rewarding endeavor. But, I have been asking myself, "What have I done for YOU lately?"

I realize that you may not particularly care to hear from me at this time of year. It reminds you that I took away your Santa Claus and I replaced your warm, fuzzy pagan holiday feelings with a distasteful distain for the abominations you so richly enjoyed until I spoiled your party. The revelry of drunken office Christmas parties was replaced with the sober notes of Hanukkah and its reminder of the cost of standing against the pressures of the collective pagan-world view. I shot your Easter Bunny at point blank range. I transformed your fun-day sun-day social functions into heated weekly debates over Truth and Tradition. I unmasked the Mystery of Iniquity and took away your pre-tribulation rapture delusion. I quashed your acquiescent acceptance of replacement theology – and challenged your unwitting adherence to the Papal Bull you inherited through Constantine's Babylonized Churchianity when I exposed the Pagan/Christian Connection. I have, in a phrase I have heard so oft repeated, "ruined your life."

But, on the bright side, I gave you the Sabbath – not just a day of rest – but the everlasting sign that you are a child of the Most High – an in-grafted son of Israel. (Which, of course, I did not give you the Sabbath– but until I introduced the reality, multitudes remained insolently oblivious.) I also gave you the Feasts of the LORD – and the keys that unlock the Gospels and the book of the Revelation as prophetic shadow pictures of good things to come – the celebrations that our Creator instituted for our encouragement, enjoyment, and education into his eternal plan. I gave you clarity on difficult passages of Scriptures so that you would Let No Pagan Judge You as you turned from idolatry to serve the one true GOD.

I gave you the ashes and brimstone from Sodom and Gomorrah that YHVH preserved as a testimony for the last generation. I gave you the Hiding of the Ark of the Covenant and its prophetic significance in the Confirmation of the Covenant spoken by the prophet Daniel. I gave you the Creator's Calendar as a prophetic part of the restoration of all things so that you would no longer be ignorant of His (as opposed to man's) Times and Moedim. I gave you the key to unlocking the Gospel of the Kingdom in the Ancient Hebrew Matthew as we Raided the Lost Book – and now you are no longer enslaved to the Takanot and Ma'asim of the Pharisees, Presbyterians, Protestants, or Papal pundits. I gave you the ONE SIGN of Yahshua's authenticity – The Jonah Code so that you could learn how to accurately count to three. I invited you to join me on my nearly forty-year journey in deciphering the Gospel Chronology and I revealed the prophetic key to the entire dilemma: the 70 Week Ministry of Messiah.

I took you to the Red Sea Crossing and put a video testimony in your hands that destroys the fairy-tale religions of Evolution and Egyptology. I escorted you to the pinnacle of the REAL Mount Sinai to clarify The Covenant, the breaking of the Covenant, and the Re-newing of the Covenant in Messiah's blood. I reconciled the "New Testament" (Re-newed Covenant) in relation to the everlasting Torah as I deciphered the Letter to the Messianic Hebrews: Moving on to Maturity. I exposed the Doctine and the Deeds of the Nicolaitans so that you could extricate yourself from the system that Messiah hates. I Mikveh-ed you in the Jordan so that you could understand the Doctine of Baptisms as one of the critical foundations of the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints.

I delivered the Divine revelation concerning the Beating of Balaam's Ass and his 3 x 7 prophetic parable now playing out on the world stage. Yes, this is the prophetic utterance that the Almighty punctually punctuated by catastrophically crashing the stock market 777 points on the day before I delivered this prophetic message at Yom Teruah in Detroit. I took you to Jerusalem for the Feast of Sukkot where the "aisha" of Zechariah's Thermonuclear War was revealed to me on the Last Great Day. As a former cult leader, I EXPOSED Michael Rood so that you might keep your foot out of the same trap – and that you might understand why I run my ministry in such a way as to keep from manipulating, intimidating, and controlling those who are all too willing to be led by men, rather than Learning to Walk by the Spirit (the hard way) and follow Messiah.

I invited you to join the widows and orphans portion of your tithe with ours – as Judith and I continue to make a spiritual and physical impact on the needy in the land of Israel. As of this moment, The Lydia Project has given more than $400,000 to the poor, widows, orphans, and victims of terror in Israel over the past four years!

This year I brought true ministers of the Word to the stage at Shavuot, Yom Teruah, and Hanukkah. At each event, we laid out clear revelation from heaven – not platitudes from the plethora of upstart teachers who provide ear-tickling entertainment – nor regurgitated readings or memorized messages from those who have never walked a mile by the Spirit for themselves. We served up a fresh, hot loaf of the Bread of Life from the oven in Heaven – and those who were invited to share my platform were truly "Sent Ones" on a mission from YHVH – and had paid a dear price for their obedience.

Today, spiritually, we are years ahead of where we were in Michigan just over a year ago, but unfortunately, we are years behind financially. Until the evil of my lecherous co-worker was exposed by his adult children, the faithful wife he discarded, our fellow workers he threatened, and the court system he unsuccessfully attempted to deceive – I could have never imagined the depravity that had so "humbly" wormed its way into our ministry and the messianic movement. Vengeance is YHVH's – and He will continue to clean house of his willful accomplices. Once the rotund one was outed, we moved on – and the floodgates of Heaven opened. It is a new season.

Last evening, I stayed up all night watching the rough cut of Nehemia Gordon's three teachings from our Yom Teruah weekend extravaganza. I watched them over, and over, and over again. I have waited over 12 years to hear Nehemia's two closing sentences. I would like to have this entire teaching available for you immediately after Hanukkah. You will understand why I paced the floor all weekend in Albuquerque. The streams of understanding were flowing together into a thunderous river in my mind – I could not sit down.

Two weeks ago, during our live Shabbat broadcast, someone wrote in and suggested that I get a job rather than ask people to obey the Torah and help support the team of Levites who are faithfully serving them each week (rather than being at home with their families). This person asserted that he was a "Torah teacher" and that he had to work for a living – and that is what I should do as well. I was appalled. I work longer hours than any business is legally allowed to employ anyone. Our materials are produced at great expense – but they allow us to reach hundreds of thousands of people around the world that would otherwise remain in darkness. Over 98% of the sales of my materials, from every avenue, goes to pay the salaries of our dedicated staff that labors with me to get the Gospel of the Kingdom out to the world. I DO NOT need the support of anyone to take care of my personal needs. Rather, I invite you to join me – and our staff – as we aggressively follow Messiah's commandment to go ye into all the world and preach the good news – without regard to personal preservation, lack of health insurance, or absence of a savings account.

We currently have 20 full and part-time employees (with families) who are fully engaged and committed to this ministry. Eight of them are completely immersed in ministry projects that provide no remuneration to the ministry – such as the Lydia Project, our Messianic Prison Outreach, and our world-wide-web YouTube assault. If I quit the ministry to make a million dollars a year, to whom would I give my tithe? Who is as equipped to reach the world with the truth as we are? Creflo Dollar? Jack Van Impe? Joel Osteen? Jimmy Swaggart? Every one of our staff members would need to go to work for someone else – just to feed their families! NO! I will not quit…

I have a job – and those who have benefited from my levitical ministry have a spiritual responsibility to tithe to the Levite who sojourns and ministers among them (Deuteronomy 18:1-8). I will apologize to no one for asking them to carry their own weight, and to then encourage them to put their shoulder under the load we bear and help push us over the next mountain. Our staff is more than involved – they are committed – and pushing forward in spite of the attacks of the enemy. I am asking YOU to join me in aggressively pushing this message, and these divine revelations, over the Internet and other Broadcast networks – as far and as fast as possible. We have no idea of how much time we have left before the brimstone hits the fan.

We now know that the Michigan mutineers not only expunged the names, addresses, and phone numbers of many who have stood with me through the years, but they also delivered my entire mailing list to an individual who maleficently broadcast manufactured lies about me, our faithful staff, and legitimate board members via his weekly "torah teaching" – and was actually selling his recorded slander on the Internet. If I lost touch with you, or someone you know because of these cretins, and have found yourself getting unwanted and unsolicited mail from Monty Judas, it was because of his complicity with his friend, MacWilliams, and not my doing. Now you know the cold, hard truth about these so-called messianic teachers. I am sorry. I apologize. Call me – let's talk.

A friend recently made a suggestion: If every family calculated the money I saved them just this pagan holiday season – and made a gift to this ministry, I would be able to complete the Charlotte studio and begin filming the three seminars I have prepared as well as a series by Keith Johnson, another by Nehemia and Keith, and yet another by Arthur Bailey. We have the ability and the opportunity to impact the world right now. Will you commit to such a bold endeavor with me?

And yes, all donations to A Rood Awakening Ministries are tax deductible – and yet I am free of any restraints from speaking the truth. Call me if you have any questions about sowing your year-end tithes and special offerings into any one of our critical projects. After the expenses of taking our free Out of Babylon seminar across the country, and needing to gear up the studio and replace $168,000 in equipment absconded by the "goodfellas" in Michigan, I need serious help from some serious believers whose lives have been touched by our ministry. Our narrow window of opportunity to reach the world will someday close. We need to make each week of our life count – beginning today.

Only one life, twill soon be past. Only what's done for Messiah will last…

I will see you on the Sea of Fire and Glass when the smoke clears (Revelation 15:1-8),

Michael Rood

As I mentioned, the teachings during our Yom Teruah weekend were so profound, I was unable to sit down for those two days. There was undeniable revelation unfolding before me as rivers of understanding flowed together in my mind. Our last 12 years of living in Israel began to come into sharp focus. I finally understood the root of the anti-Messiah mutiny in the Oregon office while I was in Israel. I understood the covert mission of the Jesuit trained, ex-Lutheran who infiltrated the messianic movement and then attempted to destroy my ministry from the inside – again, while I was in Israel. I also understood the clear leading of the Spirit that put me together with Nehemia and why I connected him with Reggie White, Keith Johnson, and Arthur Bailey. I understood why I am where I am today – and where we are going in the immediate future.

I want to send you a set of selected teachings from our "Calling in the Dispersed of Israel – the Yom Teruah Experience". I believe that this will change your life – as it did mine. You too will be up all night long – watching it over, and over, and over again.

Do not forget where you came from. Understand where you are now – and do not settle for another round of religion. Let's charge into the future with the bold faith that was once delivered to the Messianic saints of the first century. Do not get left behind in the comfortable world of religion – we are moving on to maturity. Too many have just a little hunger for truth and they quickly settle for the next mess of pottage served from the table of religious tradition. You are not one of them! You want the whole loaf. You will not be satisfied until you are walking in the fullness of the stature of Messiah – and the book of Acts, Chapter 19,576,323 is a living reality in your life.

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