Messy Ralph Messer Response by Michael Rood

Biblical teacher and host of the International Hebrew Roots television series "A Rood Awakening from Israel", Michael Rood responds to a problematic video of a self-proclaimed Messianic Jewish Rabbi coronating Bishop Eddie Long as king over the commoners of his Atlanta congregation. In Israel, Hebrew language newspapers indicated that the Messianic Jews in America have anointed a new king Messiah, an American pastor, Eddie Long. This shameful situation could have been completely avoided by following the explicit instructions of The Prophet of whom Moses prophesied (Deuteronomy 18:15-19).

Rood sets the record straight on Yeshua of Nazareth's clear instruction concerning the deliberate misuse of the title "Rabbi" and how it leads to the perversion that is now sweeping the internet and embarrassing Yeshua's true followers in the land of Israel - and now, around the world.

Rood, through scripture:

* Shows why the terms: "Messianic Judaism" and "Messianic Rabbi" are oxymorons - invented by western gentile and Jewish Christians who remain ignorant of the rich history of rabbinic Judaism

* The true meaning of the term "rabbi" and what Yeshua taught his followers about calling each other by that title of nobility - a title that leads directly to Nicolaitanism (DVD - Who is Your Unauthorized Covering)

* Explains what Yeshua had to say about the TAKANOT (Heb. rules and regulations which change Torah law) of the Pharisees that many Messianics mechanically observe today

"If you don't know the scriptures, you can easily be taken in by these con artists out there who are making their money off of the legitimate Hebrew Roots movement; this is exactly what Messer has been doing," Rood explains.

Let Rood take you out of the fog and back to the truth found in the Messiah's own words.

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Michael Rood puts this phrase back into its proper context and shows that the transgressions committed by the former pagans of Corinth are the very same errors entangling Believers today - rampant kingdom building “Nicolaitanism” in which shepherds wield confiscated authority to intimidate and control the flock of God.

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