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You step onto the Promised Land and you become a player on the stage set by YHWH Himself. You explore the tunnels under the City of David, walk the shores of the Galilee, touch the stones of the second Temple, mikveh in the glistening waters of the Jordan. Before you, the most monumental scenes of history, the miracles, the stories you have heard since you were a child are relived for you by Michael Rood in panoramic 3D-HD detail.

Connect with the land, the language and the culture of both ancient and modern Israel. You will experience an Israel adventure that will cause the rivers of information in your mind to unite in understanding. From this day forward you will say, "I once was blind, but now I see!" Come with us. Join Michael, Judith and the Rood Crew - and you will experience the Land of Israel like never before.

Any previous excursions to the land of the Bible will quickly fade from memory as the truth of the Torah and the Gospel of the Kingdom come to life through the in-depth teaching and personal coaching of Michael Rood. Come to the place where YHWH put his Name and become a part of His glorious story.

This tour is guaranteed to be an unparalleled experience. It is better than any other Israel tour you can find and gearing up to be the best one Michael has ever done. It is worth every penny!

Complete Tour Package Includes

1. Round-trip airfare from JFK to Tel Aviv, Israel
2. All Hotel/Kibbutz accommodations in Israel

3. Ground transportation in Israel (bus, driver and tips) 

4. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your stay in Israel

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A Rood Awakening! Tours
Things to Know Before You Go

Getting Fit: 
Your tour of Israel is going to be a wonderful experience! It will, however, require quite a bit of walking. We advise you to begin a daily walking exercise routine to help prepare you for the trip and to break in your walking or light hiking shoes. We suggest you slowly work up to 2-3 miles per day. You must be able to walk at least 3 miles without physical stress in order to participate in the tour. Look on the bright side – you have plenty of time to get in shape, and you will feel better and more energetic than you have in years!

The weather in March can be cool and moist, especially in Jerusalem. The temperature may range from 50-85 degrees during the day. We will be providing umbrellas for you in case of rain, and caps in case of heat.

Pack light – you won’t need as much as you think! Casual and comfortable are the key words. Modesty should prevail; many places you will be visiting are considered to be “holy” sites. Shorts and bare shoulders are NOT an option. We must respect the land and culture that is graciously hosting us. Bring durable, functional clothes to tour in and a few “evening” outfits if you like, for dinner (no jackets or ties necessary). There is no need for formal “church clothes.” You will need sturdy, comfortable shoes that you can walk in – fashion sandals are not suitable for daytime wear. You will need a modest bathing suit or shorts and top and a pair of old tennis shoes or shower thongs to wear while swimming in the Dead Sea. Don’t try to be a fashion plate, but dress with dignity. Do not wear “Jesus” T-shirts. We are on this tour to learn from Torah-loving Israelis, not to offend them with lack of sensitivity.

Regardless of when you are traveling to Israel, it is a good idea to have a light jacket or sweater for the evenings, especially while in Jerusalem. We suggest that you plan to dress in layers; that way you can put clothes on/take them off depending on how you feel at the moment. Sunglasses and sunscreen of at least 30 SPF are recommended.

With regards to laundry, don’t count on dry-cleaning services or laundromats. Your laundry will have to be washed by hand in the sink or shower and left to dry during the day. Clothing that dries quickly and does not crease easily is the most practical.

Medical Information: 
Israel is a modern country and most people have no problem drinking the water. However, the water and food will be different and this could upset your stomach. If you tend to have problems with your stomach it would be wise to bring something for upset stomachs. You might also want to bring a painkiller for headaches and maybe something to help you sleep as sleep can often be elusive at bedtime! Bottled water is readily available in Israel.

Israel is NOT a third world country – it has some of the finest medical facilities in the world. It would be wise to make your tour director aware of any medication(s) you are taking or any special medical needs that you might have. Consult your physician on any changes in the timing of your medications – especially insulin – when crossing multiple time zones. Make sure you pack enough medications to cover you for the entire trip, as well as some extra for any unforeseen delays and a written prescription in case you misplace your medicine. You may want to bring an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses.

Prior to departing the United States you will be provided with a list of phone numbers where you can be reached in Israel. Please give these numbers to appropriate family members or friends who might need to contact you.

Luggage and Packing: 
You are permitted two suitcases that may be “checked in” and one carry-on. HOWEVER, WE ASK THAT YOU NOT START YOUR TRIP WITH MORE THAN ONE BIG SUITCASE PLUS ONE CARRYON. YOU CAN BRING A FOLDABLE PIECE ALONG THAT YOU CAN FILL UP WITH SOUVENIRS for your return. Remember that most airlines are now very strict about carry-on luggage size requirements. If your suitcase is over 50 pounds, or your carry-on is over 17lbs, you may be charged a fee by the airline. Carry-on luggage must be able to fit under the seat or in the overhead compartments. 

At the Newark airport, you will receive luggage tags from A Rood Awakening! PLEASE USE THEM, even if you have other personal tags. They are handy for identification for the hotel porters, as well as for quick identification in public places like airports or bus loading.

Name Tags: 
You will receive a personal ID name badge. It is very important that you wear your name tag during the whole tour. Even if you already know most of your fellow tour participants’ names, it is still important to wear the name tags. They are helpful for you to be clearly identified as being part of a group when going through customs, as well as public places that we enter, restaurants, hotels,  stores, etc . It will also help your Israeli tour guide and driver to learn your names.

Cash and Currency: 
Israel used to love the U.S. dollar! Now the favorite is the Euro, though you will still be able to spend your dollars in most shops. However, often they do not want bills larger than a twenty or fifty! You will be able to change some money into shekels if you desire, but it is generally not necessary. You will begin to collect shekels in the change you receive from your purchases. You should bring at least $20 in one dollar bills for small purchases such as soft drinks or water. Shops prefer CASH or VISA credit cards to traveler’s checks. There is usually a fee to changing traveler’s cheques and little if any time to do so.

Many people ask, “How much money should I bring?” This is a difficult question to answer. Your tour is paid for except the drinks and water you consume. It of course does not include the souvenirs and gifts you will want to purchase, of which there are countless options!! You will also have an opportunity to bring your voluntary offerings, tithes, donations, to Israel and/or to Michael Rood ministries.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of the hotels have personal safes in the hotel room closets in which you can place your valuables and extra cash. Those that don’t have safety deposit boxes at the front desk. USE THEM!!! 

My personal recommendation is that each person have about $250 cash for the trip. If you plan to buy large quantities of souvenirs, (shofars, menorahs, etc)  then I suggest using you do cash withdrawel or use your credit card for those purchases to minimize the amount of cash you will need to have on your person. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to use your Visa Card or other credit cards while in Israel, then you must call the 800 number on the back of your card and inform your card company that you will be using your card overseas. This will help you avoid having your card rejected when making a purchase.

If you will carry a lot of money, we advise you to purchase a special pouch designed to be worn underneath your clothing to protect your currency.

A Rood Awakening! operates on a full disclosure approach to shopping. Here is what you need to know and understand about shopping in Israel. Tourism operates on a commission basis; thus your driver and guide will usually receive a commission from stores and restaurants where you go to shop. We work with reputable drivers and guides that know we will not tolerate high-pressure tactics to get you into over-priced stores. There are several stores where we recommend that you shop. This recommendation is not our guarantee of the lowest prices, but it is our good faith statement to you that we have found these stores to be reputable and honest. We do encourage you to bless believers in the land by shopping in their stores. Be aware that the prices in Israel are much higher for those things you can easily get in the U.S. (especially electronic goods, camera items or clothing). However, if you forget something, don’t worry, you can find just about everything you need in most major cities in Israel. There is a 17% tax on most goods and services in Israel.

Units of Measure:
There are differences in the measurements in Israel. Israel uses the metric system. Here are some tables to help you make conversions.

1 kilometer [km] = 0.621 miles (10 km = approx. 6.2 mi.)
1 meter [m] = 1.094 yards = 39.37 inches
1 centimeter [cm] = 0.393 inches
1 kilogram = 2.207 pounds
Food is sold by the kilo (fruits, vegetables) or by 100’s of grams (cheese, olives, nuts)
Liquid Measure:
1 liter = 1.057 quarts
Temperature: Fahrenheit 32F  50F 68F  86F 104F      
                      Celsius          0C  10C 20C  30C  40C  
Temperature conversion equation:
Fahrenheit = 9/5 C + 32
Celsius = 5/9 (F - 32)
Phone Calls: 
Using a phone card or an AT&T credit card is usually the cheapest way to call home. You can also rent a cellular if you need to. Calling from a hotel room can be extremely expensive and is not advised.

Phone cards can be purchased in Israel for anywhere from $10-$20, and I recommend using them to avoid the high rates at the hotels. If you plan to use your own calling card, please call the company before you leave the U.S. to get detailed instructions on how to use their card in Israel.
An IMPORTANT PACKING TIP is to pack TWO DAYS WORTH OF CLOTHING and ANY MEDICATION YOU ARE TAKING in your CARRY-ON LUGGAGE. This way if your checked-in luggage is delayed, or heaven forbid, lost, you would at least have some fresh clothes to wear and your medication. You should also pack your essential NON-LIQUID toiletries in your carry-on luggage. MOST AIRLINES PERMIT LIQUIDS IN BOTTLES LESS THAN 2 OUNCES AND PUT INTO TRANSPARENT, ZIP-LOCK BAGS.

The electrical current in Israel is 220 volts, which is twice the voltage used in North America.  The electrical plugs also are different, with two rounded prongs (sometimes with an additional flat prong) slightly farther apart than their two North American flattened counterparts.  Therefore, if you intend using small personal appliances such as a blow drier or electric razor, you will need an international voltage converter (unless they have a built-in one) as well as an adapter for plugging in your items. You can get a converter at Wal-Mart or Radio Shack, as well as at most local hardware stores.
Bring your own washcloths! Israel is not big on small washcloths that Americans frequently use. If you want one, then you will have to bring it with you.

To remind you again, your passport must be valid for at least six months following your scheduled ARRIVAL DATE IN ISRAEL! Make a copy of your passport in case the original gets lost. You should keep your passport on you at all times. While in Israel, however, it may be advisable to keep the copy on you and put the original in the hotel safe or safety deposit box. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PASSPORT IN THE SAFE OR WITH YOU  - NEVER PACK YOUR PASSPORT IN YOUR CHECKED-IN LUGGAGE, NOR  DURING TOURING IN ISRAEL! !
Film and Photography: 
Many people ask if there is a tax or charge for bringing a video camera into the country. There is no fee for bringing your personal video camera. Make sure that you purchase as many tapes as you will need here in the U.S.A. because they will be quite expensive in Israel. I recommend at least 10 rolls of 35mm camera film for first-timers, although some first-timers use 20 or more. Video people always end up taping more than they expect, so pack accordingly.

Drinks and Water: 
It is vitally important for you to drink lots of water while in Israel. DEHYDRATION IS COMMON; MAKE SURE TO DRINK WATER ALL THE TIME! Your bus driver will have bottled water that can be purchased for a dollar. Drink more than you think you need to drink. Most people do not get sick because of drinking the water in Israel; they get sick because they don't drink enough water in Israel!!! Your water regimen should begin before you get on the international leg of your flight. Long airline flights can dehydrate you, so I recommend drinking plenty water. Please be aware that drinks other than water have not been included in your meal price (the breakfasts include coffee, tea, juices). If you desire a soft drink with your dinner it will be charged to your room bill and must by paid by you at check-out time.
The Dead Sea: 
Floating in the Dead Sea is always a highlight. It is impossible to sink in the water due to the high mineral and salt content. It is a fun experience. When you enter the water, you will need a modest bathing suit or shorts and top and a pair of old tennis shoes or shower thongs. Walking barefoot in the Dead Sea can be painful because the bottom is full of sharp salt crystals. I recommend old shoes because sometimes you have to throw them away after taking your swim.  Any sores, cuts, or burns you might have anywhere on your body will sting and burn the entire time you are in the water, and until you shower the salty water off. This includes shaving nicks and even hangnails! DO NOT GET ANY WATER IN YOUR EYES, AND IF YOU DO, DON’T RUB THEM WITH YOUR SALTY, WET HANDS!

Tipping and Love Offerings: 
All tips for the hotel bellboys and waiters have already been included in your tour price and will be taken care of by your tour host (limit one big suitcase per person). However, if you feel that you have received outstanding service from someone in the hotel, you can bless him or her more if you choose to. It is just as important to make management aware of these stellar employees. Believe me; they will appreciate your comments to their bosses more if you take the time to put it in writing. Tips for the bus driver and guide have also been included.  If you wish to bring a special love offering to Israel, we invite you to share with Michael Rood and his ministry.

Many of the lecturers and staff on this tour are Jewish.  Don't try to “convert” them.  It is not only illegal, but they know more of the Scripture in more languages than most of us on the tour. You are coming to Israel to learn how to leave the western pagan mentality behind and be a a Torah-loving follower of the Jewish Messiah. You will love the Israelis for who they are, and come home with a better understanding of who you are.

Flight Travel Tips: 
Breath mints for the flight come in handy. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes for your flight. I highly recommend getting a TRAVEL PILLOW for the flight and bringing a pair of extra-warm socks so that you can kick your shoes off. Eyeshades are nice, and earplugs are very essential. The earplugs can make all the difference to having a restful flight versus counting the minutes! The international part of your flight is about 12 hours long. If you have trouble sleeping on planes then I suggest bringing some NATURAL HERBAL TEA. Be sure to have stomach medication close at hand as well. I also highly recommend having access to a toothbrush and toothpaste. (NOTE: If you cannot sleep, please respect your fellow passengers that can, and keep your voices very low during “lights-out.”)
Please don’t let the media hype overwhelm you with unnecessary fears. You are just as safe, if not safer, in Israel than in most large cities in the U.S. While no one can guarantee what someone else may or may not do, you can be assured that the experience of many thousands of tourists before you indicates a high degree of safety. Here is a vital list of things you can do to protect yourself: 

1. Never wander away from the group. 

2. Never allow yourself to be surrounded by two or more street vendors. One will get your attention while the other will get your cash. Be especially aware of this on the Mount of Olives and in the Old City markets. 

3. Listen to your guides’ warnings and follow their instructions. 

4. Purchase a special pouch designed to be worn underneath your clothing to protect your currency, credit cards, ID, and Passport.

5. Always inform others in the group of your intention to enter a store or any other place. In general, keep people posted as to your whereabouts. 

6. Always keep your Tour Director or Guide’s phone number with you in case you get lost.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Florence at


Florence Kornelsen
Tour Director
A Rood Awakening! Tours

2012 Israel Tour Itinerary

A Rood Awakening Extravaganza Teaching Tour
with host Michael Rood 

Israel in 13 days & 11 nights 
Organized by: Florence Kornelsen 


Day 1, Sunday, March 11, 2012 
We depart from JFK for our exciting adventure to Israel. Meet us at the El Al gate between 8 & 9 PM for your security check-in. As you board the flight, you will begin to hear  the Hebrew language, and it will feel like you're already halfway there! 

Day 2, March 12 
We arrive in Ben Gurion airport soon after 4 PM, where we are greeted and escorted to our bus. Then we travel up to Jerusalem, listening to the rich history of others gone up before us. After enjoying a stunning Jerusalem view with our host Michael Rood, we proceed on to our hotel where a wonderful Israeli dinner awaits us, followed by a fun introduction to our tour – and some great rest! 

Day 3, March 13 
After a delicious breakfast in our hotel, we go to the Old City and start our explorations. We go to the Zion Gate overlooking the Western Wall. Then we see the CITY OF DAVID excavations and go down Warren’s Shaft. The ones who want to have the most fun wade through the waist-deep Hezekiah’s tunnel, while the rest await them on dry ground at Siloam’s Pool. In the afternoon we enjoy a short film at the Ophel Gardens, as well as observe the excavated stairs and southwest corner of the Temple Mount. It is a true treat to visit the Western Wall Tunnels – you will be absolutely delighted as you explore the rich history of this place. If time allows, we proceed to the Mt of Olives for an view of the Old City before we return to our hotel. After dinner, Michael will share fascinating information with us in a private meeting room. 

Day 4, March 14 
This morning we go to the Temple Mount, passing by the Moslem mosques to the site believed to be where the “Holiest of Holies” was located. We proceed to the excavations of the Bethesada Pool and have an unforgettable, tearful visit to Pilate's Dungeon. Then we walk to Solomon’s Quarries from whence emmense blocks of stone were excavated to build the Temple. (Don't worry; you'll get dirty). After a light lunch, we walk to the Garden Tomb. This has been declared a favorite place by many Israel visitors, and Michael will add stories that only Michael can tell! Once we leave the Garden Tomb, we head on over to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum -a very sad and touching experience but with a hopeful ending! We return to our hotel for dinner and have an evening session with an invited guest speaker. 

Day 5, March 15 
This morning we drive over to Samaria to visit the site of the Tabernacle in Shiloh. You might be surprised to find evidence of the Tabernacle at the time of Eli! We head on to Mount Gerizim – the site where the Blessings and Curses were spoken when Israel first came to the land. Depending on your level of energy, you can choose to rest a little before dinner or do some much wanted shopping! 

Day 6, March 16, Friday 
We pack up and load the coach this morning. After visiting the Tamuz Cave on a pretty but horror-filled hill (wait until you hear the story!), we move on to see some final sites in the Old City that are an absolute can'tmiss before we start our journey down to the Dead Sea. You will enjoy the drive to Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. There is lunch available for the hungry and a great store for the shoppers! But don't hang out too long because our destination is Masada. We ascend by cable car to the famous fortress hilltop where the Jewish zealots confronted the Roman army. We then drive south along the Dead Sea shore for a famous “Rood stop” to collect brimstone at the sites of Sodom and Gomorrah. (hint: you might want to put on disposable clothes.) We end the night at a kibbutz and enjoy the tranquility of its garden with a delicious Friday night Shabbat meal! 

Day 7, March 17, Shabbat 
We enjoy the Kibbutz gardens -an oasis in the desert. The kibbutz offers a short, free shuttle to the Dead Sea – a must experience for all visitors in Israel. In the afternoon, we settle on the grounds for a teaching. 

Day 8, March 18 
This is a desert day – a wonderful experience! Get prepared to enjoy a smorgasbord lunch in a Beduin tent and go for a camel ride in the desert! In the afternoon we drive to the Galillee, through the Jericho valley. If time allows, we stop at Bet Shean and do a hike. 

Day 9, March 19 
We visit the sites around Tiberius – Susita, Kefar Nahum (Capernaum) Chorazin, Bethsaida, and allow time for a Mikveh in the Jordan River. You might have to pinch yourself to remind yourself that you haven't been transported 2,000 back in history! 

Day 10, March 20 
Every day is so filled with excitement that when you think you could not possibly be any more thrilled about what you're doing, you keep on discovering and learning more. This day we drive to the northern Galillee up through the Golan Heights. We visit a “Bunker lookout” that allows us to view Syria, then head on to the Banias Springs. After a delicious fish lunch, we return to the Galilee, where we will have a time of worship and meditation on the sea! 

Day 11, March 21 
This morning we drive to Arbel Cliffs to take a view of the Sea of Galillee and visualize the possible path that people used to walk from Capernaum to Cana. Then we drive through Cana to Nazareth where we visit a village as it used to operate -complete with donkeys, oil press, traditional dress, synagogue and much more! We have a light lunch before we move on to visit the sites of Megiddo and Caesarea Maritima. We stop to visit an obelisk where Michael will be sharing some intriguing insights, then drive on for dinner in the modern city of Tel Aviv. 

Day 12, March 22 
Our final day for this Israel extravaganza: we visit a one-of-a-kind museum that tells us of the history of this nation. (Michael says it's the best museum he has ever seen!) Joppa then awaits us, with its rich history! After a late lunch farewell, we prepare to go to the airport for our midnight flight. (You are required to be at the airport 3-4 hours before flight time in Israel). 

Day 13, March 23 
We arrive back at the JFK airport at 7:00 AM. It is advisable to leave AT LEAST two hours for transfer to your domestic flight. Our hearts and minds are full of all the memories and lessons we have accumulated during this brief stay in Israel. Don't be surprised if nobody believes you when you tell them all that you did in these few days! 

Itinerary subject to modification and re-arrangement according to Israeli & ARA conditions 

For questions email To register by phone call 1-888-766-3610


Minimum deposit of $500 per person

Tour Package Price

Package Price: $4,495

If you would like the Land Only package and will plan your own transportation to Israel, subtract $1300 from the package price.

All prices are double-occupancy.

Payment Schedule

A $500 deposit is due upon registration. Another $1000 is due by January 10, 2012. The final balance must be paid by Feb 10, 2012. Remember, your total may also be paid in full at any time before the final due date.

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